Drama, Romance

Download Carrie

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Year: 1952

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: USA

Stars: Laurence Olivier, Jennifer Jones, Miriam Hopkins

Release date: 31 October 1952

Runtime: 118 min

Ratings: 7.3

Storyline: Carrie boards the train to Chicago with big ambitions. She gets a job stitching shoes and her sister's husband takes almost all of her pay for room and board. Then she injures a finger and is fired. This is the 1890s. Charles Drouet, a salesman she met on the train, comes to her rescue, invites her to dine at Fitzgerald's where the manager George Hurstwood sends over a bottle of champagne. Stay in Drouet's apartment. He will be on the road 10 days. When she leaves the apartment many months later — on a train bound for New York — her traveling companion is Hurstwood. Why is he in such a hurry?



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3 thoughts on “Download Carrie
  • Karin says:

    I read the book 17 years and has recovered. I remember seeing the movie several years ago and decided to purchase the video. What a find. I never realized how romantic Sir Oliver could be. It’s about how love can destroy a desperate life at any age. When George Hurstwood, a manager of a drink high-speed door meets naive, trusting Carrie Meeber Columbia City, is hit. From the moment he sees in men bar input is known eyes, has been hooked. When he tries to seduce her away from Charles Drouet believe that simply wants to keep as a lover to satisfy her need for love. When he discovers that she is not to conquer, to sacrifice everything for it, including the confiscation of property and assets of a shrew of a wife, played mercilessly by Miriam Hopkins. Olivier
    eyes are captivating in every scene with Jennifer Jones, his manners are impeccable chemistry between them is dazzling. Look at his eyes, especially when Carrie declares his love for her in the park. I love this movie and is much more idealistic of the book describes how Carrie Hurstwood disappointed when you can not bear to think of him and old and useless. In the film, his love endures poverty. When the son of Hurstwood surfaces encourages Carrie to ask for help and decides to leave only to his advantage.
    Carrie is not represented in the film as the selfish character in the novel by Dreiser. Do you really think that his love for Hurstwood, but at what price. Hurstwood and Carrie had wealth class is looking for. The problem is that she loves beautiful things and respectability is compromised when you think only Hurstwood choose. Jennifer Jones is wonderful as a poor innocent girl with an education, but it was his appearance that help it along. Eddie Albert is very good as a drummer confident that exceeds its charm. I also took the “Green Acres” bit. This is Olivier who steals the movie from a respectable gentleman in a tragic character who clings to his dignity to the end. For all you romantics see this movie. It is fifty years old and Olivier and Jones can still burn the screen.

  • Boyd says:

    *** I do not think you can write about this movie without it contains spoilers. Advertising is like a brilliant novel, and it is much deeper and darker.
    *** Not to be missed is very popular for all the right reasons.
    This movie really should have been called “George”, as it is the story of a man (Laurence Olivier) who ruined his life for love. Olivier is essentially different here, a humble man who suffers in silence, just beautiful, and it shows here in moments of great action of the youth of his last years (important because it was old for the role). It ‘a movie just for him.
    Jennifer Jones, playing Carrie, gives one of his best performances, and their chemistry is fantastic. She was in her 30s and still waiting 18, which helps a film in which she ages from about 18 to 36.
    I did not know anything about this girl “comes from the big city, is compromised, and rises above” story. It ‘much more than trivial scheme. This wonderful script dips and turns with the complex relations of life, legal relations, and things we do not tell each other.
    Miriam Hopkins, even in his youth full of enthusiasm, was still a bit ‘spicy arcade. It is used to great advantage here in a very dislikable. Eddie Albert is best used as a traveling salesman and flirty heartbreaker.
    black and white, the story is about divisions of poverty and wealth, and how life can guide us through the levels. Edith Head Costumes beautiful son takes the tall buildings to low townhouses glamor of the scene in 1900.
    score is David Raksin, who made such memorable scores as WHIRLPOOL, The Big Combo, fallen angel, and he and she. Whereas, given heavy compared to today’s standards, is musically complex and eloquent, and really increases the emotional journey of action. This is one of the best of his time, evoking the dissonance scores on the seafront and Rebel Without a Cause.
    released film had a section removed posted poverty / housing homeless men. This section has been restored on the DVD, introducing another level of complexity, the mixture of poverty, humiliation and pride.
    All this makes this film tear, memorable and complete.

  • Silvia says:

    I chose to watch this movie especially why Jennifer Jones (I am a man, so shoot me), and Sir Lawrence Olivier bad a movie. I was really surprised at how much I have been involved in the story, as one wrong decision leads to another, and another, and I was curious to see how the two main characters would turn and live happily ever after.
    History is full of moral dilemmas and consequences. I found myself rooting against the main characters, and sometimes want to do well. The movie is older than I am, and I can not imagine how some, the object must have surprised the public in 1952.
    Some people like the great game, an interesting story, and some (like I did) both. Performance of Olivier’s what I put on my short list of all time favorites. Jones is as good as it was in the “Portrait of Jennie” or “Duel in the Sun.”