Drama, Romance

Download Endless Love

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Year: 1981

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: USA

Stars: Brooke Shields, Martin Hewitt, Shirley Knight

Release date: 17 July 1981

Runtime: 116 min

Ratings: 4.4

Storyline: Two young kids fall in love with each other. But the passion is too consuming for the parents of Jade. The parents try to stop them from seeing each other. But when this doesn't work David burns down the house and is sent away. This doesn't stop him from seeing her. When he gets out he goes to look for her. But in the end the passion for his first love is too strong and she has to leave or this love will kill both of them.



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4 thoughts on “Download Endless Love
  • Everett says:

    This movie does not seem so bad if the book was not as exciting and extraordinary. Zeffirelli said in an interview that he has to change, if the love of two young people was mutual, not one-way, and I think that was his mistake. The book is not love at all, it’s an obsession. Readers complained that meet for half a book of Jade, and she does not seem to deserve all that fixed, but that’s the point. Everything is in the head of David.
    In the book, when they meet, trying to convince them to have sex just like they did years. The first pages show looks at him through the window, feeling banned from this “perfect family wonderful,” but does not take into account all the evidence that was not anything like that: when you shoot, you can not cope, because they are all acid in the mother later described as a desperate attempt to reunite the family. The mother looks at her daughter for sex live vicariously, because his marriage is falling apart. Father sneaks in stimulating food for his daughter because he believes in homeopathy. Brother, we learn later, David brought home as in other classmates, especially to impress with the family as cool and hip is then discarded when bored (it later by a meeting of former classmate David the brother of the plane did the same thing for him). David is obviously emotionally fragile to begin with, but these levels are exactly the horrible people that did not need to meet. They operate as spectators for their coolness quotient then launch regardless of what they could do for him. It is a good psycho – but if it was not, he can see through them, it is clear that he did, even before the end of the book
    Little was transported to the film. that has not kept Spencer late 60s, adjustment, which would have made boho aspirations Butterfields’ weekend hippie more understandable. Many people have tried to show how suburbs were then: Medium watch traditional journals such as Ladies’ Home Journal and Newsweek and you will see articles about open marriages, birth control pills, and symbolic meanings of the disc Beatles covers. The respective talents (or lack thereof) Shields and Hewitt have been many debates and whistles, but I do not think much could be done with a script that has fallen the essential aspect of the unreliable narrator work (for example, David * that * we are talking about and Butterfields itself is not necessarily what we choose to believe after hearing some details). We only loving thing is cursed, and that was done by him in R & J Zeffirelli, and modernized in West Side Story. Shakespeare without words or music of Bernstein, or any new or point of view, it is difficult to justify doing it again.

  • Ben says:

    There was so much potential wasted in this movie is a crime. Although I have not read the book, I realized that considerable liberties were taken with the film, whatever, it’s a mess illogical. How many mothers with their daughters admiration look old high school sex in the living room, then continue teenage boy! How many idiots who think they destroy the house of their friend for arson is the way to win?
    ‘m a big fan of 80 films and enjoy the characteristic appearance of the films of this era. And I defy anyone to find a most beautiful creature Brooke Shields in the ’80s. But it is the only real luminous spots, and therefore not able to overcome. The great charm of this film for me is the idea of ​​what it was like to have Brooke back your girlfriend in high school (I’m not the only one!), But unfortunately, he had to endure his idiotic boy who not only gives fire to his family home, but indirectly causes the death of his father. Towards the middle of the film, I was hoping someone would knock his lights and Brooke leaves him far, far back. I’m sure any real family feel the same way.
    Even though I was a fan of Brooke in the ’80s and seeing Blue Lagoon, I never had time to see Love without end for some reason. Nostalgia has inspired me last year to see for the first time. The only thing that has aged well, it’s the timeless beauty of Brooke and singing beautiful theme. The strength of these two things is interesting to look at, at least once ….

  • Louisa says:

    I finally saw this movie and it sucked! He started gently enough with a couple of guys in love Nice and their families approve, nothing wrong with that, but after his parents broke the spell, it became obvious that this guy David is a nut, but the film tries to romanticize his obsession. It is not love, is haunted. The first indication that this film was going in the wrong direction is when the mother observed David boinking his 15 year old daughter and just smiled, instead of throwing cold water on them. It turned out that he wanted to do. Not only that, after leaving the nursing home that helped him contact his daughter! Call the police the woman tried to burn alive die your family. Why did not he get more intensive treatment after sanatorium discovered that trying to communicate with Jade? The judge told him not to CONTACT JADE AND HIS FAMILY, but his parents took him out. The scene where he raped her and screams how much he loved, the man who was hilarious. However, after burning the family home, caused the death of his father, raped, Jade still loves this guy, Ouch! “Splendor in the Grass” (1961) is similar in theme, but with a better ending believable. I would give this movie a real or final epilogue: Jade David feels closed and asks metaphorically to go on vacation and then follows the nut breaks up with him the following night, feels David is literally choking! ! E ‘with a pillow over her face and she managed to break free and run out. He chased down the street and a couple of cops and trendy sees the SOB full of hollowpoint lead as they should have done with the juice.

  • Landon says:

    I’m a big fan of movies that were released in the 80s. I can not believe that this film was not released in the U.S. on DVD yet?? I searched and found that it was released in other countries, but not there yet. I really liked this movie when I was younger and I know that this generation would really enjoy. I think that would be a big seller and hire. This film was broadcast on television several times since its release, and I know it has been a great success. I hope that the production company believes that the publication of this great film. I hope that maybe if enough people demand it, they will listen. This film was a great coming of age film that shows a great love story of two young people who are struggling to stay together. It reminds me of a modern Romeo and Juliet. I know it was released on VHS but never on DVD. You get through it, I suggest you watch it.