Drama, Thriller

Download Fatal Attraction

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Year: 1987

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Country: USA

Stars: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Anne Archer

Release date: 18 September 1987

Budget: $14,000,000

Runtime: 119 min

Ratings: 6.8

Storyline: Happily married New York lawyer Dan Callagher has an affair with his colleague Alex, and the two enjoy a love weekend while Dan's wife and kid are away. But Alex will not let go of him, and she will stop at nothing to have him for herself. Just how far will she go to get what she wants?.



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5 thoughts on “Download Fatal Attraction
  • Williams says:

    I saw last night for the first time, having heard so much about, and I really think that the conversation was justified. The performances are great, and the characters are developed enough for the audience to feel something for them. It also has a great location suspense, and it is a morality tale. Everyone here knows the story – played by a lawyer married to Douglas spent a weekend with torrid closing character, Alex, who becomes obsessed with him and not let go. Although Alex takes things to the extreme with this obsession, you make a valid point – if Dan was so happy with his wife and child, what did you do? If he does not lose his family, maybe should have thought before you sleep with her in the first place. Dan also makes the valid point that Alex knew he was married and that has made promises to her. But before that sex is one thing, and that is after the other. Yes, Alex was as much a part of the case, like Dan, but he had much more to lose: his family.

  • Courtney says:

    Adrian Lyne, director of Flashdance, Fatal Attraction is one of the most memorable films in 1980. It ‘was a movie that was against adultery committed by men.It has become extremely popular due to the intense love scenes contained in the film and how it was well-directed by Lyne as evidenced by his Oscar nomination for this policy even sex film.The is what made this unforgettable film of the year, was released to the present moment. Fatal activities
    is a thriller mixed with horror.It stars Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer. The film was adapted by James Dearden and Nicholas Meyer from an earlier short film for television, the deviation British. The story centers
    film that revolves around a married man who has a weekend affair with a woman who refuses to let end.Dan (Michael Douglas) is a family man whose only night affair with Alex (Glenn Close) turns into a nightmare when she insists on continuing the relationship, claiming to be carrying his baby.Alex systematically terrorizes Dan, even temporarily kidnapping his daughter in his attempts to regain his affection. Dan the man of the family besieged trying to preserve his marriage and family guilt against the consequences of his own indiscretion.It was an unforgettable story that began the theme of love transformed into murderous obsession in the film as evidence in upcoming movies like The hand that rocks and fear.
    The film is very well acted.It received six Oscar nominations, including best actress Glen Close, whose performance as the love-struck psycho-siren, Alex passes the feminist message buried in his challenge to film Dan take responsibility for their sexual behavior, and Anne Archer as wife.As Dan said earlier, the film was well managed by both Lyne
    . The only negative thing I can say about this horror is the element that was placed at the end of the film. It would have been better if Alex’s death was treated in a dramatic way, instead a horrible way to end the film. But however, remains as one of the most memorable films, not only in 1980, but the history of cinema.

  • Darcy says:

    Fatal Attraction star Michael Douglas in one of his best roles. Glenn Close, but the woman who will not go away, and Anne Archer plays the wife of Douglas. Adrian Lyne did a great job with this film. It ‘was a thriller that was not great shoot and jump from a building and was very good, without any of that. Maurice Jarre good exciting music for the film that helps to explain the state of mind of the characters and the scene is represented. This movie is funny, sexy and exciting attraction that good characters, good actors and a plot that deserved every Oscar nominations received this year. Douglas Close and Archer would have assumed important roles.

  • Aimee says:

    You have not heard much about this film more, but at the time was the most talked about films of the year. It was a “favorite topic of conversation at the office water cooler” for a number of weeks. At that time, it was a shock. Nowaways ….. who knows? As you become more and more insensitive to violence, sex and profanity, it takes a lot more to shock us.
    However, this movie had memorable moments that have stayed with us that he first saw the theater 20 years ago. Most of these memorable scenes, if not all involve character Glenn Close, “a. Alex Forrest” The man is a woman who would not be denied what she wanted. In this case, the married man Michael Douglas
    There is no point going into all the details. Everyone knows now, anyway. In hindsight, I think the film was a good lesson for men (or women) to think about cheating on their wives and assuming that nothing bad will happen next. Men can commit other crimes, but this old adage of a “woman scorned” is certainly demonstrated by the shovel! Douglas character, “Dan Gallagher,” can certainly testify, but it is anything but a sympathetic character. Both actors do a great job here, but congratulations to the rest of the Gallagher family, played by Anne Archer (wife “Beth”) and Ellen Hamilton Latzen (daughter “Ellen”).
    In addition, the film should not be overlooked. The widescreen DVD certainly highlighted how good this film was shot and directed. This two-hour movie keeps your attention until the end. The only thing I would change is the language, the tone a little. ‘ Otherwise, it is a classic thriller and one of the most popular films of the 80s.

  • Janelle says:

    I saw the movie Fatal Attraction when I was only 8 years old. It was 1988. I know I’ve seen three times. To date, it is the best movie I’ve ever seen. The little girl was so cute and Ellen articulated. Michael Douglas has given his best performance to date. Also, I love the hair closure Glenn. It ‘s just absolutely amazing to see the film with your spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend. Who has not seen this wonderful drama should see. The videotape. This is a keeper. Do you wonder why Arhcer character Anne stayed with her husband at the end. The scene bath will keep you on the edge of your seat. It ‘s exciting to say the least. I am 24 years old now, and is clearly the best film my eyes have ever seen.