Action, Adventure, Family

Download The Legend of Johnny Lingo

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Year: 2003

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family

Country: New Zealand

Stars: George Henare, Rawiri Paratene, Joe Folau

Runtime: 91 min

Ratings: 5.7

Storyline: When a storm washes a canoe bearing an infant boy ashore upon a small South Pacific island, he is at first well-received as a gift from the heavens, even to the point of the tribal chief adopting him as a successor. However, with time as hardships are blamed upon Tama (as he is named), he is finally outcast to live with the poorest people on the island, Mahana and her drunken father. Mahana is considered homely and undesirable, but Tama feels differently, so when he is old enough to build a craft to sail away, he vows to return for her one day. A lucky stroke brings him to land upon the island of the legendary Johnny Lingo, the wealthiest trader in the islands, and after years of service to him, Tama has learned much about life and himself as he dreams of honoring his pledge to Mahana.


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3 thoughts on “Download The Legend of Johnny Lingo
  • Deann says:

    The Legend of Johnny Lingo is a long history of 70 years of origin. Go Johnny Lingo childhood and how he met his wife and how it has become a commodity trader. This is a fun movie for everyone, including those who liked the first version.

  • Karla says:

    This film is from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day late Jeasus aka Mormons.
    That said, it is not a religious film, nor advocate a particular religion. I say this because this is where I learned “The Legend of Johnny Lingo.” I was surprised that it was a full length film (91 minutes).
    This film teaches the idea work love, honesty, faith (not religious) and hard, and the reward for this work.
    I loved seeing the long version of this film that I had before. It ‘full of breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and tropical locations, are breathtaking.
    While the message of the film is not so annoyingly.

  • Terry says:

    This is not what I heard about it the first couple of times I looked, but to see him again recently, I realized:. I really, really enjoyed this film Alvin Fitisemanu
    Good acting is terrible in this film.
    Ok, so it’s a commercial operation for Tahitian Noni Juice.
    Ok, so he is overwhelmed by its share of clichés, including a scene that seemed to have been stolen directly from Chicken Run.
    Ultimately, I’m not worried. Ultimately, I feel overwhelmed by the music history and characters of the film. I LOVE Johnny Lingo, I LOVE Toma, and I like
    Mahane No, there are no Oscar here -. But what we have is a good movie, with some specific things to say and a fun way to tell them. For us, it was enough. And after several times to see The Legend of Johnny Lingo, in recent years, which seemed to be obvious flaws the first time have faded. I really like what remains.