Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Year: 1964

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Action, Crime

Country: USA

Stars: Robert Vaughn, Luciana Paluzzi, Pat Crowley

Release date: 1964

Runtime: 92 min

Ratings: 6.0

Storyline: U.N.C.L.E. discovers that Thrush killer Andrew Vulcan plans to assassinate a visiting African leader, Premier Ashumen, while he's on a tour of Vulcan's factory. Napoleon Solo enlists the help of Vulcan's old girlfriend, Elaine May Donaldson, who pretends to be a rich widow and gets closer to Vulcan, trying to find out if her old friend really is the bad man that Solo says he is. At the same time, she also enjoys the life of luxury and wealth and finds it hard to accept that she has to go back to boring married life after the operation is over. The film is made from the first season episodes "The Vulcan Affair" (09/22/64) and "The Four Steps Affair" (02/22/65) from The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


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