Download Trooper Hook

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Year: 1957

Genre: Western

Country: USA

Stars: Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanwyck, Earl Holliman

Release date: 24 January 1958

Runtime: 81 min

Ratings: 6.6

Storyline: After a band of Indians kill a group of soldiers, Sergeant Hook captures them and their leader Nanches. Among the prisoners is Nanches' son and the boy's white mother captured by them nine years earlier. Hook's assignment is to escort the mother and son to the woman's husband. Traveling by stagecoach they learn that Nanches has escaped and it's not long before he and his warriors show up intent on reclaiming the boy.



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5 thoughts on “Download Trooper Hook
  • Arlene says:

    When a cavalry officer in the United States Joel McCrea (as Clovis Hook) captures Apache Indian chief Rodolfo Acosta (as Nanchez) discovers one of the American Indian “squaw” is “white woman”, Barbara Stanwyck (as Cora). Learn Ms. Stanwyck was removed and the Indian chief was a son, Terry Lawrence nice (as Quito). Stanwyck loaded back to her husband, Mr. McCrea on the road to face many prejudices, fanaticism is compounded by the fact that Stanwyck refuses to leave the child with the Apache tribe. While we wonder how Stanwyck be received by her husband, John Dehner (as Fred Sutliff), the true father of the child is released to track travelers … Although the products billed
    second or even the “Trooper Hook” title, this story focuses exactly Stanwyck character. Actress classic golden age gives good results, while maintaining its presence the big screen. A co-star from the same era who became a star in the genre “Western” McCrea made his important role. Version cowboy Earl Holliman (as Jeff Bennett) and silver Edward rinsed Andrews (as Charlie Travers) to conduct a good distribution media …
    Directed by Charles Marquis Warren, the film plays like an anthology television input well, maybe a series starring McCrea was taken into account. But there are some serious history. This is doubly doubt that a character is killed due to the measures taken by both McCrea and Mr. Holliman. And what happened to $ 10,000? Although this scene is questionable, marital status fluctuates wildly McCrea character. Meanwhile Stanwyck husband, McCrea said. “My wife has always said” At the end of the film, McCrea is ideally single again, and talk to people who want to marry suggests that he had never been married.
    ***** Trooper Hook (06/26/57) Charles Marquis Warren ~ Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanwyck, Earl Holliman, Edward Andrews

  • Selma says:

    In the vain hope that my application could not spoil the story, just make it more interesting. Several years ago I thought, “Trooper Hook”. I loved seeing old friend, Edward Andrews (alive and well, no thanks to me), but a nagging question remains about the film: What happened to the $ 15,000 left by the “hostage loose” when the protagonists have been “saved”? I have not seen another Indian shot for him. My knowledge comes from Eddie meet and entertain him and his wife, Andrews, and Cloris Leachman, Patricia and Philip Barry and others after a stock move was in Fairport, New York, about 194? I invited them all home for a nice ham casserole. However, the glass slipped out of the truck and smashed into a thousand pieces / chips! The first taste of what I was able to scan and thought safe to ingest, had small pieces inside. Dinner was asked to stop spitting. Apart from a couple of episodes of Twilight Zone, I do not think I’ve ever seen. A great guy and a wonderful friend comedian evil. Would never abandon that today would be half a million dollars!

  • Denny says:

    “Trooper Hook” is a title commitment, suggesting a solid colored cavalry western, perhaps something along the lines of these figures majestic John Ford. Unfortunately, it is far from it.
    The original story of Jack Schaeffer, who wrote the novel “Shane”. The book was not so hot, is essentially a piece of dough and simplistic cobbled old. It ‘been transformed into a masterpiece of the West by George Stevens, director, and his team.
    Well, Charles Marquis Warren has not George Stevens. His sense here and elsewhere is flat and uninspired. The script is of little help. After Sergeant Hook, Joel McRae, battles and defeats, Apache, are a white woman prisoner Barbara Stanwyck who had a son by the Apache leader, ready to shoot, but modestly talented Rodolfo Acosta. McRae takes
    Stanwyck and her child on a tour of diligence, as well as several other passengers, some of which are evidently derived. (When, oh when will we see a stagecoach dangerous in the country without a greedy banker?) They pursued by Acosta and his band, who escaped from prison. Finally, McRae ensures that Stanwyck and her husband, John Dehner, who thought he was dead because here the past seven or eight years together. The only problem is that Dehner I do not like the idea that it Stanwyck agree with Apache, is not particularly keen to increase the prospect of “the remains of another man.” Well in the end, Dehner and Acosta were killed and Stanwyck and her son by McRae with king
    marriage I suppose something could be done with a field like this, even if the Apaches were in some respects. the usual stand-in for African Americans., but it is a slow story with a lot of complaints and no spark in the script. Whoever thought to cast the familiar and reliable, Vienna-in-all-get-out Cecilia Lovsky as Duena Spanish? Must be taken Sacher torte, not tortillas. Barbara Stanwyck, a good actress and sexy ten or fifteen years ago, it seems unshakable. We are half an hour in the film before a line of dialogue – .. and not long after almost unrecognizable Joel McRae years and mustache that makes him look older is not that the actors at the end of middle age do not belong to western. McRae himself has done a wonderful job two years later in “Ride the High Country” in a much better direction, and it was just ok Gary Cooper in “High Noon.” But whatever your age, you need a good vehicle and a director who knows what he’s doing – and it is not
    This is not a movie .. insult his feelings are not hurt and no. not outrageously sloppy. ‘Just boring.

  • Carter says:

    Another nice McCrea western with more substance than most. Cavalry sergeant must obtain McCrea Stanwyck white squaw Indian and mestizo son last white bigots and hostile Apaches to her ex-husband Dehner. Along the way they encounter many difficulties, both whites and Indians.
    scenic Utah, also in b & w, give real credibility to the proceedings. And take the opening scene. Note the brutality of cavalry and Apache as execute prisoners, while the former is devastating Indian encampment. In all, references to a subtext common ground between the two races, despite the hostility. Or as Apache Nanchez McCrea and riders observe during a peace process, there is a bit ‘of each in each
    Now the question is logical? Given the brutality of the war, So basically good for Stanwyck enemy and his son McCrea. Of course, it was captured and made a squaw and still has white skin, but he was also born the son of Nanchez, captivity captivity or not. This is sufficient for most whites to hate. With an intelligent script (except for the end of any part), it turns out. McCrea was in captivity during the Civil War and was life imitating a dog, of all things. So he knows what it is humiliating to stay alive, which is unrepentant Stanwyck as a de facto prisoner of the Apache. This is a solid psychological point of view and McCrea credit risk his character as a humiliating episode in its background.
    There is also suspense stall around the fallen diligence. And ‘quite clear that if the boy McCrea film Nanchez attacks. It ‘also a bet pretty cool. What is surprising is that McCrea shows no doubts or remorse to risk the boy’s life. Not too many westerns of the time showed the hero in possession of a gun (from Holliman), at the head of a boy, which is equivalent to an unusual starting point, especially for the apparent lack of feeling McCrea. Of course, what happens under the will of steel is likely completely different.
    Stanwyck is excellent as the stoic Sutcliff Cora. His career has been dropped because there were not many in-images available for middle-aged stars. But being down to earth-person, who was known to be, gives the B-western his best, and it shows. I just wish Earl Holliman had more screen time. Some people are born to play certain parts, and he was born to play a good child, a little cowboy ‘fool. His scenes with a lot of gems in no tenderness McCrea said. At the same time, I think a little ‘Mrs. Kohner was added to give the film Holliman call younger. But the most important thing, the film has the great Joel McCrea. No actor is the dignity quieter and less selfishness role of traditional cowboy like him. Unfortunately, I think this approach is very discreet which reduced its public profile for years. Damage. This version
    1957 came at a time when both films and television have been saturated with cowboys and six-shooters. As a result, many western quality is lost in the crowd, and I hope that this humanitarian effort is not one of them. However, the end is too pat and convenient conventional to distinguish the results entirely from the pack. I just wish the script had a similar imagination in the last five minutes, showed the other 70-some. Then there would be a little gem full.

  • Eddie says:

    One of the best western Trooper Hook Joel McCrea is the story of a man on a mission to deliver a prisoner to his recent Indian family.
    This is no ordinary prisoner. Barbara Stanwyck was with the Apache for several years and was the head of the squaw Rodolfo Acosta and had a child with him. After a raid on the village of Acosta, he discovered and identified by the cavalry. You and your child is brought to the fort and McCrea is given the mission to bring her back to her husband, John Dehner. But it will be a difficult journey on several levels. He Trooper Hook
    was directed by someone like John Ford, would have had much more acclaimed as a fact. There are elements of Ford’s Stagecoach, The Searchers and two pilots Trooper Hook. And Rodolfo Acosta as head Natchez seems to continue the role he played in Hondo.
    One thing I’ve always loved the more mature western certainly give us the chance to be heroes. And the films have never had a better right arrow hero Joel McCrea. It has been said that it is a career soldier and 47 years. He needs every bit ‘of this experience to the task.
    Stanwyck is a difficult road to hoe in this movie. Many people wonder why it has only very hypocritical committed suicide rather than submit to Acosta. McCrea has, however, the scene where he talks about his experience in Andersonville prison during the Civil War is the most effective in the film. Many customers
    Western fill supporting roles. In addition to those specified for Earl Holliman look nice hook young cowboy a ride on the carriage, and grandmother Susan Kohner Lovsky Celia and nephew, Edward Andrews whimpering like a mouse that will make your skin crawl and Royal Dano as the driver of care . Rape
    , of illegitimate birth, miscegenation and kidnappings are not generally subject to the crowd Saturday afternoon for children who have seen westerns. But the fifties were the decade of adult western Trooper Hook is a great example. In fact, for his television series Big Valley Stanwyck had a similar story with Michael Burns of a boy who was born to a white woman in captivity and returns to white society. Only history was the point of view of the child. Trooper Hook
    is the sixth film and the last Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck did. It could very well be the best of them. While director Charles Marquis Warren was obviously influenced by John Ford, I doubt that Ford himself could do a better job. Trooper Hook is a masterpiece stranger in need of reassessment.